Welcome to the Citizens Platform!

Dear Readers, Guests and Change makers!

Welcome to the Citizens' Platform.

We at Western Ankole Civil Society Forum are looking forward to learning from you on your experiences and lessons in fostering responsible and active citizenship. We would like you to use this Baraza to share your views, opinions, and advise on how how best to energize citizen agency and ensure that Citizens' issues are heard at family, community, national and Global levels and platforms/fora.

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Western Ankole Civil Society Forum - WACSOF was established in 2005 as an all-inclusive platform for CSOs operating at Ankole region in Uganda. It focuses on issues and processes that concern the NGO Sector, facilitates better NGO networking and collective action to harness NGO perspectives in promoting pro-poor, pro-people development policies. It works to secure, consolidate, and expand the operational space for NGOs & enhance their capacity to influence governance & development processes, strengthen networking and enhance the public image, legitimacy & credibility of NGOs in Ankole and Uganda; deepen democracy and contribute to the search for equitable and sustainable development. It’s Vision “An empowered and prosperous society”

Ankole Regional Citizens Parliament

Ankole Regional Citizens Parliament

Friday, January 21, 2011

Responsible Citizenship in Uganda

Uganda will be going for the General Elections come 18th February 2011. All Ugandans are expected to participate in electing their next President and Members of Parliament. Article 1 of The Ugandan 1995 Constitution vests all power and authority in the Citizens of Uganda. They exercise this power most especially an election. Civil Society Organizations in Uganda have been engaging in a number of Civic education activities and most important the through the Citizens manifesto, a tool which stipulates a Social Contract between the elected leaders and the electorate-citizens. Through the Citizens manifesto, it is hoped that Citizens will vote on issues but not personalities and bribery. By doing so, we think the next Government will work work towards the Citizens own Vision which is geared toward a "Peaceful, Prosperous Uganda with Happy People". A post election agenda has also been planned where we will have a number of platforms and engagements for citizens to hold the elected leaders accountable for their promises in the social Contracts.

Our key issues are  around Economy, Society, Democracy & Politics, Foreign Policy.

Citizens' Top 10 Development Concerns are: Wide Spread corruption; Widespread Poverty; Declining Fortunes of Agriculture Sector; Environmental degradation and Climate Change; Poor Infrastructure; Growing Unemployment; Breakdown in Health Delivery System, Poor Quality Education and Mismatch with Uganda's needs; An Unsustainable Population Growth Rate in Uganda; and Very Low Levels of civic Consciousness

Whats issues then are going to shape your choice of the next Ugandan leadership?